To Do List To Prepare For Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration hyrumWhen fire damages your Hyrum home, it can seem overwhelming knowing what to do or how to respond. We know it may be hard to sit tight and wait for restoration services, so here are some things you can do to help prepare your home for fire damage restoration.

Fire Damage Restoration In Hyrum

  1. Be sure all power to the affected area is shut off. If your home’s electrical system has been compromised, attempting to plug in electronics or use power in the area could be catastrophic. Until an electrician has been able to evaluate the electrical system, keep all power off.
  2. Make sure the damaged area is ventilated. Smoke and toxic fumes can linger long after the flames of a fire have been extinct, and can continue to cause damage to your home. Creating air flow through the area can help to eliminate these threats faster, and can help mitigate any further damage. Open windows and doors to ventilate the area as much as possible while waiting for fire damage restoration to begin. 
  3. If there are rooms in your home that have not been affected by the fire, or pieces of furniture that have gotten away unscathed, cover them and seal off those areas before restoration begins. You can use plastic or drop cloths or anything else you have one hand to help preserve the integrity of unaffected rooms and belongings.  This will help keep them safe during cleanup and restoration and protect them from any possible damage.
  4. Since kitchen fires are the most common type of house fires, we should talk about throwing out contaminated food products. As directed by the National Agriculture Safety Database, anything that has come into contact with smoke, water, or chemicals, whether as a result of the fire itself or firefighting efforts, should be discarded. This includes fresh produce, poultry, meat, fish, eggs, opened containers or packaged foods, any food stored in paper, plastic, foil, or cellophane, spices, seasonings, sugar, flour, and any other baking goods stores in canisters. Even if food in cans or jars may appear to be unharmed, if they were exposed to heat the food inside may no longer be edible. Toxic fumes can permeate many different materials, so it really is not worth the risk when it comes to determining what can and can’t be saved following a fire. Your health is not worth the risk. 
  5. Do not try to clean up the damage on your own. The effects of a fire can pose serious threats to your health and safety, even soot and ash left behind can be toxic. What the flames leave behind can contain known carcinogens, and exposing yourself to harm when dealing with fire damage is the last thing you need. Instead, let the trained professionals at Sierra Restoration take care of you, your home, and your belongings. We are experienced in dealing with fire damage restoration of all sizes and scopes, and know how to safely navigate cleaning and restoring your home. 

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