5 Signs That Your Home is Being Damaged by Mold

If you and your family were at high risk of dangerous health concerns and all you had to do was one thing to stop it, wouldn’t you do that thing? Unfortunately, this situation is a reality for many families, but they do not do anything to end this health risk to their families. This is […]

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Minimizing A Mold Invasion

If not properly taken care of, mold might seem harmless but can become a large danger to humans. Many people who notice mold growth seem to shrug it off as nothing serious. If it is not an immediate threat, then why bother with fixing the issue in the first place, right? Wrong! People have been […]

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How Do You Know If You Have Mold?

You might think that mold is very obvious to identify, and it is if you can see it right before your eyes, however, many times mold lurks just outside of your peripheral vision. Mold and mildew can be a hassle for any homeowner no matter where you live. In Logan, if you have mold issues, […]

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Which Building Materials Are Most Susceptible To Mold?

People worry when they discover mold signs in their homes; they worry about health risks. The usual response is to ?clean? the mold, but depending on the source, extent, and type of mold, this can cause cross contamination and potentially increase your exposure. When you find mold in your property, call a mold remediation specialist […]

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