How To Handle Water Damage Cleanup In A Flip Home

If you have ever considered flipping a home, you probably know that you have to buy a home at a pretty good price to get any kind of return on your money when you sell. This means that you probably will be shopping in the house price range of homes that require a considerable amount of water damage cleanup. If you are planning on flipping in Bear Lake County, contact Sierra Restoration for check out your potential home and give you an estimate first. Here are some things you will want to consider about water damage.

It’s Not All Scary

When people hear the word ‘mold? they tend to run for the hills, but in many cases, mold is not as bad as it seems especially if you have a good restoration company on your side. It’s true, mold is dangerous for your health and it can spread very fast. But this doesn’t mean that it isn’t fixable, especially if you are planning on ripping out walls or replacing carpets anyway, which many flippers do. So, it is very important if you have a project that you know has mold, contact a professional at Sierra Restoration to give you a good idea of what kind of problems you?ll be dealing with.

bear lake county water damageIf You Have To Sign A Waiver

There are some red flags about water damage, of course, and one of these is if you have to sign a waiver to even enter the home. This could be because of any number of things, but many times, you might have to sign a waiver if you are looking through a home that has an extensive mold issue. As explained above, it still might be worth visiting if you are planning on having it gutted anyway but be sure that you are aware of the risks and the money that you might need to put into it. If it’s an amazing price in an amazing neighborhood, it might still be a worthy investment to buy it and have the water damage cleanup experts to work their magic.

Structure Issues

Sometimes water damage cleanup requires more than just cleaning up mold and removing carpets. Sometimes the moisture will soak right into some of the supporting beams for the home, and this can be a big issue. Yes, these beams are replaceable, but for a high cost. Moisture in wood also invites termites, so if you have structure issues because of water damage, you could have a pretty big and dangerous problem. Just make sure that you have a professional determine what your water damage cleanup entails before you buy a home so that you know you won’t lose money on the venture.

In older homes that you are attempting to flip, there can be any number of issues, but if you have a restoration company on your side, you will be able to know what is in store for you before you buy.


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