The Risk Of Secondary Fire Damage

fire damage tremonton, fire damage restoration tremonton, fire damage repair tremontonWhen your Tremonton home suffers fire damage, you are in for an emotional rollercoaster. You may think that when the fire is out that the damage has already been done. Unfortunately, the damage continues. Secondary fire refers to damage that occurs due to smoke and corrosive substances released by the fire. In some cases, secondary damage can account for the vast majority of damage in a building or home. 

Furthermore, a fire exposes the home to the elements, which means a rain could add water damage to the mix in two major categories: chemical degradation and moisture/ mold problems. Plus, the more time odors have to seep into your walls, carpets and furniture, the less chance you have of removing the smell. So catch your breath and call Sierra Restoration today. The experienced team will correct all signs of fire damage- both obvious and hidden. 

Fire Damage In Tremonton

Act Quickly to Prevent More Damage

Airborne enemies continue after the flames are out. Soot and smoke residues are usually acidic and chemically reactive, attacking the surfaces and  permanently staining them. They can even change surface finishes and the texture of fabrics. Most furniture and flooring is made out of synthetic material, and when burned, can create a complex variety of chemical reactions which cause corrosion on metal surfaces. 

One of the worst ways that smoke causes damage because the microscopic particles can get into small cracks and crevices. A lingering smell of smoke that can last for months. The only way to remove the smell from your home is to clean affected items with specific agents designed to remove the smell.

The endless possibilities of chemical combinations demand knowledge both of corrosive substances and the sensitivity of different surfaces on the technical equipment. For example, stainless steel must be treated much differently from a usual iron surface. As qualified technicians inspect your home, they establish the best ways to remove the layers of soot deposited in different parts of the structure without damaging it further.  Proper cleaning is necessary before painting over soot-covered cabinets, ceilings or other fixtures to prevent bad odors and material degradation. Some items will have to go out for more specialized care; not everything can be properly cleaned in your house. Have the Sierra Restoration team assess your situation and recommend the best solutions. 

Watch Out For Mold

In most fires, firefighters use at least some water to quench the flames. Water can also get in through holes in the roof or walls or through broken windows. Wet materials quickly grow visible within two days so preventing mold by drying wet building materials and contents is a high priority. Wood, tile, carpeting, windows, concrete, and other materials can be affected.  

Professionals will attack the problem in steps. The first stage in drying is removing liquid water. The second is removing moisture from the air, to allow materials to dry through evaporation from the surface. Normal household dehumidifiers are inadequate; restoration contractors have high- performance dehumidifiers that can dry very rapidly. However, an experienced contractor may also want to proceed slowly enough with the drying to avoid warping and cracking. The experts at Sierra Restoration will guide you.

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  • When you contact Sierra Restoration for your water damage clean up needs, you don’t just get a highly-experienced team that specializes in high-quality fire cleanup services, but you are choosing a company that is fully licensed to handle all reconstruction work that may need to happen after a fire or water disaster.  

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