Water Damage Cleanup: Overlooked Areas In Your Home

water damage cleanup hyrum, water damage hyrum, water damage repair hyrumNo area of your Hyrum home is free from the threat of water damage. However, there are a few specific regions that are the most likely to suffer from water damage. From our water damage cleanup pros at Sierra Restoration here are four of those regions and what you can do to prevent water damage from occurring in and around them. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Hyrum


Because there are so many different water sources in bathrooms, they are a clear target for water damage. The good news is that bathrooms are used more frequently so you should be able to detect excess water before it causes any problems. However, failing to clean up water puddles or not alleviating excess condensation in your bathroom are common errors that will still lead to water damage, mold growth and costly cleanup. Additionally, you should also be cautious of water damage building up under your bathroom sink. This isn’t always so easy to detect so serious damage can build up in your bathroom cabinet if you aren’t careful. 

The Roof

Get on top of the roof to inspect it. It is very common for rain to seep in through damaged or cracked shingles which inevitably leads to water damage in the attic. It is especially important that you check your roof often because damage and subsequent flooding can happen without your knowledge. Understandably, taking the time to get on your roof and inspect it is far from convenient. Nonetheless, the time this takes is well worth the peace of mind you get from knowing your roof is in good repair or being able to repair your roof before water is able to seep any damaged portions. This could save you from a costly water damage cleanup in the future.

Basements And Crawl Spaces

Basements and crawl spaces are the number one victim of water damage. This is for two main reasons. First, any groundwater that seeps through the foundation of the home will eventually end up in the basement or crawlspace. Second, even if water damage originates in an upper level of the home, gravity will eventually make the damage find its way downstairs given enough time. When inspecting a home for water damage, your basement or crawlspace should be the first place you look. 

Under The Refrigerator

Last of all, under the refrigerator is an important place you should look for water damage. Refrigerators, especially those that have ice makers, use a lot of water. Even a small leak of malfunction can lead to a large amount of water spilling out of your refrigerator and damaging your kitchen flood. 

Don’t put up with water damage in any part of your home! As you focus your water damage prevention efforts toward the regions listed above, you should be able to prevent the vast majority of water damage threats and cleanup costs. However, if your Hyrum home does ever sustain any water damage, give the water damage cleanup experts at Sierra Restoration for help ASAP.

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