5 Things To Know Before Tackling A Water Damage Cleanup Emergency: 

water damage cleanup hyrum, water damage hyrum, water damage repair hyrumFlooding or becoming aware of water damage in your home catches homeowners off guard every day. If you’re looking at this blog to make a quick plan for water damage restoration in the face of a situation, you’ve come to the right place. We at Sierra Restoration have put together a helpful list of 5 things you ought to know before tackling your water damage situation, whatever it may be. Here they are: 

Water Damage Cleanup In Hyrum

  1. Water Types. When your home experiences water damage or flooding, the type of water makes a difference to how damaging/dangerous the situation will be. If the water is uncontaminated, like water flowing to your tap, you have “clean” water. If the water is from a slightly contaminated source, like a dishwasher or washing machine, or from clean toilets, you have “gray” water and it may have some harmful substances in it. You should take some care when cleaning this up. For example, it may be a good idea to wear gloves, protective clothing, and take care to prevent unprotected contact. The last type is “black” water, and is the dirtiest type. It comes from highly contaminated sources like sewage pipes and can contain waste and harmful bacteria. For damage caused by this category, always call a professional for help with restoration efforts. In Hyrum, Sierra Restoration is a qualified choice. 
  2. Mold Growth can start in wet areas in as little as 24 hours. Obviously, the harms of mold are many. Beyond being unsightly and smelly, it can also cause health problems or structural issues. Mold cannot be simply disinfected, so must be removed. Call a professional to help with any mold growth you suspect. After taking care of the initial mold problem, monitor the problem area to catch any future mold growth quickly and nip it in the bud.  
  3. Safety First. Before attempting restoration, shut off power and water supply in your home in affected areas, examine for sagging ceilings, and assess the situation without pets or children with you. Things may be slippery so be careful not to fall.  In addition, apply your recently acquired knowledge of water types and take proper precautions when dealing with gray water. Do not come into contact with black (heavily contaminated) water. 
  4. Small Steps you take early on will make all the difference. Right when you notice flooding, remove furniture, rugs, clothing, or clutter on your floor. If furniture cannot be removed, putting some plywood under the legs off heavy furniture can prevent significant damage to the base of furniture that has to sit on wet carpet. Catch or divert water from entering your home if possible. 
  5. Calling a professional should be a priority. The faster someone is called about your emergency, the faster they’ll be able to come out and assess, saving valuable time in the restoration process. For water damage situations in the Hyrum area, Sierra Restoration is a great, qualified choice. 

On behalf of Sierra, good luck with your water damage cleanup process! We hope that it goes as smoothly as possible.

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