Can You Handle The Watery Mess In Your Kitchen?

water damage restoration logan, water restoration loganIf you come downstairs in the morning, expecting a hot cup of coffee and you find a wet mess, knowing what to do next makes a big difference in how well you can clean up your home. Act fast, and stay safe too. Unexplained water in the kitchen needs your immediate attention to figure out the problem. Sink plumbing fixtures wear out over time and can develop leaks.

When left untreated, water damage can rot on wooden surfaces. Mold can grow in the dark cabinets. Before fixing the problem yourself or hiring a plumber, put safety first.

Turn Off The Water and Electricity

Turn off electricity into the kitchen at  the breaker box. If other rooms in the house are affected, cut the power to those areas, too. Once you’ve shut off the electricity, unplug all nearby appliances including the ones on the countertops.

The water supply line valves control the flow under the kitchen sink, typically located directly under the sink and mounted near the back wall. You can twist them to stop all water flow.. If you can’t get to them or you’re not sure about the source of flooding, turn off your home’s main water line at its shutoff valve near the street.

Now it is safe to investigate. Locate the source of the leak, wherever it is: a pipe, the garbage disposal, the line to the dishwasher.

Clear Under the Sink To Look For The Leak

Remove all the items stored under the sink. Towel off the items if they are wet to prevent further damage. You need to protect the cabinetry from all moisture. Dry all the surrounding plumbing fixtures completely. Wipe under the bottom of the sink. 

Now place a clean, dry towel down on the floor of the cabinet. Then put a layer of paper towel on top of the towel. Put a dry vessel (pot or bucket) under the suspected leak spot. Then turn on the faucet and watch for drips. Turn the faucet off. Repeat this test with the garbage disposal, dishwasher (and the water filter if you have one.)

Watch the paper towel sheet for any signs of wetness, signaling a leak.  After diagnosing the problem, determine if you can fix this on your own or if you need some help cleaning up the water and subsequent damage.  

Avoid Future Mold Growth

Mold spores will react to these damp conditions. The space under the sink offers a perfect environment for it to grow: no light, poor air circulation, organic source of food (wood and paper.)  First you can open the cabinet and direct a fan to blow in there. After cleaning up, you can use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels below 30 percent in the home.

Out of sight is not out of mind. Significant mold growth can be happening behind walls. Sierra Restoration professionals will conduct safe procedures and protocols to contain and control mold. 

Who To Call For Water Damage Cleanup In Hyrum

In some cases, knowing how to dry out a flooded kitchen just isn’t enough. Extensive water damage requires professionals. Certified technicians at Sierra Restoration use advanced equipment and industry-proven techniques to clean up more complicated situations. 

If you find any signs of water damage, call Sierra Restoration for help. Since 2010, water damage restoration experts at Sierra Restoration have helped guide Hyrum residents through all aspects of the process: water cleanup, repairs, restoration, mold prevention. 

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