Water Damage Cleanup & Insurance Claims

water damage hyrum, water damage repair hyrum, water damage cleanup hyrumWater damage can be very destructive and expensive. The best way to mitigate the costs of water damage cleanup and restoration is through your insurance company. At Sierra Restoration our water damage cleanup experts are committed to providing Hyrum homeowners with not just the best quality restoration services along with an affordable price tag for our services. To help you minimize the costs associated with water damage cleanup, here are five simple tips for maximizing your water damage insurance claim.  

Five Ways To Maximize Your Water Damage Insurance Claim

  • Don’t Procrastinate The Restoration Process
  • Gather Evidence
  • Is It Flood Damage Or Water Damage?
  • Consider A Public Adjuster
  • Consider Using Your Own Vendor

Don’t Procrastinate The Restoration Process

Your water damage claim loses a lot of weight if you fail to begin the cleanup process right away. Procrastinating at the beginning the process signals to your insurance company that the damage may not be that bad or you are not serious about cleaning it up. If the insurance company can prove this, it may give them legal precedent to reject your claim.

Gather Evidence

To file your claim, you will need to provide clear evidence of the damage. The best way to do this is to keep current pictures of your valuables on hand so you can easily make a before and after comparison. If you don’t have these pictures ready then do the best you can to make written descriptions of all your belongings. Then, you should take pictures of each of your possessions after the flood to accurately document the damage. 

Is It Flood Damage Or Water Damage?

It is important that you understand what your water damage insurance policy actually covers. Most insurance policies provide coverage for water damage, but they don’t all cover flood damage. It is much better to know that this is the case ahead of time rather than being blindsided by the fact that your insurance won’t cover the damage from a flood. 

Consider A Public Adjuster

The water damage insurance claim process can be slow. Your insurance company has 15 days to send an adjuster, who will assess the water damage. It is usually wiser to hire a public adjuster if you can, especially if your claim is large. These professionals aren’t tied to the insurance company, so they are looking to find the truth, not looking to minimize the insurance company’s payout.

Consider Using Your Own Vendor

Once the water damage has been assessed by an adjuster, your insurance company has 15 days to evaluate your claim. Your insurance company will likely encourage you to use one of their vendors to undertake the water damage cleanup process. However, you shouldn’t just go along with their preferred vendors unless they really are the best choice for you. In fact, it may be better to go with your own vendor no matter what since those recommended by the insurance company will be more prone to support the insurance company’s interests more than your own. If you are looking for a vendor, our water damage cleanup team at Sierra Restoration is here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for trusted water damage cleanup services so we can help you restore your Hyrum home back to new. 

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