Types Of Damage That Occurs Following A Fire

fire damage company smithfieldWhen fires occur, the immediate focus is always preserving the health and safety of anyone affected by the fire. Firefighters work tirelessly to ensure that those lives are saved as well as prevent the further spread of the fire. Despite this, there is water, fire, and smoke damage left behind that requires deep cleaning. When trying to deal with the aftermath, an assessment must be made of what can be restored versus what must be demolished and replaced. 

Fire Damage Company- Smithfield

While trying to assess the damage that has been done after the fire has been put out, it is important to understand the 3 different types of fire damage that can occur. All three types of damage come with their own issues, so it’s critical to understand each and how a building can be affected.

Flame Damage

When assessing flame damage, it is important to understand that not all flames are the same. Depending on the source of the fire, there can be varying degrees of flames and heat that can come from it. The more heat at the source, the more damage at the fire’s origin spot. 

One of the most abundant materials in our home is wood, which obviously does not fare well in fires. Walls, floors, beams, and other objects within the building that are caught up in the fire will weaken, causing structural concerns and needing to be replaced. However, there are some cases where the fire does minimal damage, only charring the outside. If that is the case, it may be possible to save. 

Soot And Smoke Damage

When a fire erupts, smoke and soot damage are also left behind. Smoke becomes embedded into just about everything: carpets, furniture, personal belongings, walls, etc. When soot isn’t cleaned or disposed of properly, it will haunt us for years to come in the form of odors and potential health risks. 

Initially, it may seem easy to simply wipe away the soot or smoke, but the fine particles can hide very easily deep within just about anything in your home. Professional fire damage companies have specialized equipment and proper knowledge to completely remove any trace of this smoke damage. If taken care of properly, most items affected by smoke and soot damage can be restored. 

Water Damage

Unfortunately, fire and soot/smoke damage are not the only things that will impact a structure following a fire. When firefighters use water to extinguish the flames, the water used will damage drywall, furniture, wood, and other items if the fire hasn’t already damaged them. Most items afflicted with water damage are restorable, as long as all the water is extracted and there are no concerns of mold. However, some items, such as drywall, will likely need to be replaced. Other items like stone and brick will stain. 

Fire disasters can be extremely inhibiting, destroying your home and precious belongings inside. However, there are fire damage companies like Sierra Restoration that can remove all signs of fire damage. They will work tirelessly throughout the entire process and bring your home back to its original state.

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