What You Should Know About Toaster Fires

fire damage cleanup tremontonEveryone loves their toast! However, delicious toast can come at a cost if you’re not being careful — namely in the form of toaster fires. Toaster fires are fairly common, but they can usually be easily prevented. 

Fire Damage Cleanup Tremonton

Our fire damage restoration professionals at Sierra Restoration recommend the following advice regarding preventing toaster fires below.

Prevention Tips

There are many different ways that a toaster can cause a fire. There are also several things you can do to prevent toaster fires. Below are a few different prevention tips for toaster fires. 

Keep It Clean

Excess crumbs and debris in your toaster increase the likelihood of a fire. Regularly dump out crumbs and wipe down your toaster.

Turn It Off

When not using it, keep your toaster off or unplugged. This is a simple tip, but it does make your home safer.

Use The Right Setting

Toasters have different settings for a reason. Using the wrong setting puts you at unnecessary risk of a house fire. Not to mention, your food probably won’t taste as good either!

Replace It When Necessary

When the time comes, replace your toaster. Don’t continue using a toaster that is malfunctioning as this is probably the most common reason for toaster fires. Also, pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions so you know when it is time to replace your toaster and how to perform any necessary maintenance.

What To Do If Your Toaster Catches On Fire

If your toaster ever catches fire, responding quickly is essential for preventing the fire from spreading. First, unplug your toaster immediately (if you can safely do so) to cut off the supply of power. Next, use a fire extinguisher for the blanker to smother the fire and put it out. Finally, unplug the other appliances nearby, open a window, and call the fire department if necessary.

Why Do Toasters Catch On Fire

If crumbs and food particles accumulate at the base of the toaster where the heating element is located, they could ignite and catch fire. Food left in the toaster oven for too long a period or at too high of a temperature can also lead to it catching fire. Due to their proximity to flammable materials, these pose an obvious threat to fire.

Cleaning A Toaster After A Fire

Once the fire has been completely put out, you can begin cleaning the toaster if it’s salvageable. First, turn the toaster off and then gently remove any crumbs or debris from the bottom. For all the hard-to-reach crumbs, use a vacuum hose attachment or an old toothbrush. Finally, wipe the entire toaster down with vinegar and water solution.

Despite being simple to use and clean, toasters still contribute to a large number of house fires each year. You can prevent this from happening to you by following the advice given above. Nonetheless, if your home still suffers from fire damage, whether it be from a toaster or something else, don’t hesitate before giving us a call at Sierra Restoration for help.

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