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Common Causes Of Flooding

Indoor flooding is a leading cause of water damage, and flood disasters can happen at any time, from a number of different sources. Sierra Restoration has been repairing damage from floods in Logan and Cache Valley since 2010 and has seen our fair share of flood sources. The following list has some of the most […]

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Experience The Difference With A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Team

Everything happens fast when a fire damages your Logan home or business. Flames can devour and destroy property in a matter of minutes. The ensuing damage will only worsen as time goes by, so it is important to respond as quickly as possible. Fire damage restoration services from professionals like the team at Sierra Restoration, […]

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Take Care When You Repair

Flash floods are the #1 weather-related killer in the U.S. according to the National Weather Service; the geography and topology of Utah makes floods very difficult to forecast. Even if you and your Logan home are safe from the moving water, you face some difficult clean-up. We at Sierra Restoration want to provide any information […]

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5 Signs That Your Home is Being Damaged by Mold

If you and your family were at high risk of dangerous health concerns and all you had to do was one thing to stop it, wouldn’t you do that thing? Unfortunately, this situation is a reality for many families, but they do not do anything to end this health risk to their families. This is […]

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How Do You Know If You Have Mold?

You might think that mold is very obvious to identify, and it is if you can see it right before your eyes, however, many times mold lurks just outside of your peripheral vision. Mold and mildew can be a hassle for any homeowner no matter where you live. In Logan, if you have mold issues, […]

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Which Building Materials Are Most Susceptible To Mold?

People worry when they discover mold signs in their homes; they worry about health risks. The usual response is to ?clean? the mold, but depending on the source, extent, and type of mold, this can cause cross contamination and potentially increase your exposure. When you find mold in your property, call a mold remediation specialist […]

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Ten Fire Damage Hazards In Your Logan Home

Every year, over 350,000 home structures are damaged or destroyed by house fires. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, ?Your household has a one in four chance of having a home fire large enough to be reported to a fire department during an average lifetime. Someone in your household also has a one in […]

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Basements And Basement Flooding

Why is my basement flooding? At Sierra Restoration, we hear this question often. Basements are prone to water damage because they are the base of a home and are either built partly or entirely underground. Really, we could blame gravity most of the time for basement water damage. Water flows with gravity and finds its […]

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Water Damaged Appliances: Can They Be Saved?

We have all heard that if you drop your phone in water, you could put it in a bag of rice to absorb the moisture. Well, what do you do when your home has been flooded? Is there a magic fix? Water causes thousands of dollars worth of damage by to electronics and household appliances. […]

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